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Specializing in Thomas Built Buses (TBB), we offer a full range of new and used buses.

We will find the right bus to meet all your specific requirements. From the largest to the smallest, wheelchair access/ADA compliant and more, all of our school buses are rigorously tested to make sure they meet or exceed all Federal and State safety standards.

range of school buses

Minotour Type A School Bus - Buswest
Minotour Type A School Bus

The Thomas Bus Type A Minotour small school bus is fast becoming the leading choice in preschool child transportation.

Saf-T-Liner C2 Conventional School Bus - Buswest
C2 Conventional Type C School Bus

This is the modern replacement for the standard conventional school bus. School buses will never be the same.

Saf-T-Liner HDX & EFX Type D School Bus - BUswest
Saf-T-Liner HDX & EFX Type D School Bus

The Thomas Type D Saf-T-Liner transit-style school bus is the bus of choice when you're servicing denser routes.

C2 Jouley Electric School Bus- Buswest
Electric School Bus C2 - Type C2 School Bus

Thomas Built Buses has been moving the industry forward for more than 100 years.


School Bus - Buswest


A recent study found school bus fires in the U.S. occur slightly more than daily. Diesel is significantly less volatile and combustible than alternative fuels such as propane, CNG, and gasoline. Diesel fuel provides the safest student-passenger environment for full size school buses.


Today’s diesel engine is 90% cleaner at the tailpipe than 10 years ago. The Cummins ISB and new Detroit DD5 engines emit 5x and 10x less particulate matter than required by the EPA standards and are well below the EPA’s nitrogen oxide requirements. Most people don’t realize Diesel burning engines actually introduce less carbon monoxide emissions than propane, CNG, or gasoline into the environment. Clean diesel offers the lowest carbon footprint over operational lifetime.


Diesel will put more money back in your fleet’s budget. Diesel bus acquisition, fueling, and maintenance costs are lower than their alternative fuel counterparts. Sure, some alternative fuels may cost less per gallon, but with lower mpg, you’ll be filling the tanks much more frequently, adding up costs and hassle. Alternative fuel buses also require additional fueling infrastructure and training investments that diesel does not.


While other manufacturers have been focusing on “alternative fuels,” new diesel technology has lead to increased fuel efficiency, durability, reliability, and serviceability. The Cummins ISB 6.7 and the new Detroit DD5 boast 8-10 mpg. compared to other fuels with only 3-5 mpg. New technology, such as Cummins uninterrupted regeneration process and single modular after-treatment device with larger ash containment and Thomas’ stay-warm feature, have nearly eliminated the after-treatment headaches that have plagued diesel engines in the past.


There’s a reason 93% of all school buses purchased in the U.S. and Canada still use diesel despite recent alternative fuel hype. No other fuel can compare to diesel’s performance in medium- and heavy-duty use. The long-term durability of a diesel engine is unmatched, boasting a 15 to 20 year life cycle. Alternative fuel engines have yet to stand the test of time.


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school bus seating options - Buswest

Available in 45" and 39" widths

Tested and certified for use for children 22-85 lbs

5-point safety harness for enhanced safety

Child seat modules easily fold into the seat back when not in use

Exclusive Zip on/off the seat back cover

Available with or without seatbelts.

school bus seating options

Safety is the #1 priority for Thomas school buses. Your unique needs may require special seating options. At BusWest we're happy to provide multiple seating options in our Thomas Built school buses.


You no longer have to lose capacity when you add an integrated child seat! As state and federal regulations change, you can be confident that your S3C Series Seating System will give you the flexibility to meet your immediate and future configuration needs.

Safety, Capacity, and Ease make the S3C seating system the best in school bus convertible seating on the market. With no loss for capacity, the S3C’s unique design allows the seat to be converted to and from any configuration in less than 2 minutes without removing the seat from the bus saving employees time and school districts money. The S3C Seat comes with the highest rating safety testing and is available in Restraint, Lap / Shoulder, Flip and Integrated Child Seat configurations. This seat can be retrofitted to any buses body style and all Thomas buses. The S3C Seating System is the latest in school bus convertible seating.

School Bus Seating Option - Buswest

Exchange school bus seating


With this new product line, school districts can buy standard seating now, then simply exchange seating modules to add or configure belts at a later date, as future school district requirements and state regulations dictate.

Safeguard XChange school bus seating provides a future-proof seating solution, so buyers no longer have to decide between belts and budget. Because SmartFrame is modular, the base seat can easily be XChanged to belted seating. In less than ten minutes, schools can add lap-shoulder belts or integrated child seats to any route at any time. If your school district or business currently buys seats with lap-shoulder belts, or you have been deliverating about when to move ahead, the design of this new product line completely changes the economics of adding belts to school buses.

Exchange School Bus Seating- Buswest
Exchange school bus seating - Buswest